The Charity

The Charity is ‘The Anchor of Hope Children’s Centre’ in a village called Malcoci in Moldova.

Moldova is located south west of Romania and is the poorest country in Europe. Though we think of third world living in parts of Africa, there are so many countries much closer to home that have what we would consider as a very basic way of living.

The Anchor of Hope was set up by missionaries from Romania; Igor and Veronica. For the last 10 years, teams of volunteers from Horsham have been visiting the centre taking resources, crafts and crucial funding that enables the Centre to run all year round and the first team of volunteers to visit were involved in both the funding and construction of the building itself. The Centre has become an integral sanctuary to the local community, providing not only the Centre but support networks, groups, activities, hot meals, a place to wash and a safe haven for the village to go to, any day any time.

laugh-squareOne of the difficulties that faces Moldovans, is the lack of economy in the country; it is incredibly difficult to find work and to give a rough idea of earnings, an average self employed builder in Moldova would earn around £30 a week. As a result, many adults have no choice but to go to other countries to find work. Left behind are so many children that go months and months without seeing their parents and often have to fend for themselves at home.

You only need to visit Moldova’s only airport to see how heart breaking this can be. As you walk through the gates the airport is filled with families holding beautiful flowers, their eyes glued to the gates, eagerly and desperately awaiting the arrival of their loved ones. The emotional anticipation buzzes round the airport and you see families throwing their arms round each other and sobbing in sheer happiness.