The Children

Each year the centre identifies children and families in the village that need support and enrol the children into the centre.  The children go to the centre every day after school.  They receive extra tuition and help with their studies, then an evening meal together.  They do singing, crafts, sports and extra curriculum activities that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to do.

What do we spend the money on?

Though the children appear well dressed, you soon realise after a few days of being there that they wear the same clothes every day.  Luxuries like clothes are something that we in comparison take for granted.  In the summer when a team of volunteers visits the centre, the first thing that is bought is school uniform for all of the children.  When money has to be spent on food and basics, the families struggle to afford school uniform.  The roads and paths can be very rocky, so hard wearing quality shoes are also greatly appreciated.


Money is given to the centre to continue to provide meals to the children throughout the year.  A common meal in Moldova would be a stew with bread.  Every family grows produce in their gardens as the climate is ideal, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries and potatoes as well as fruit trees.  Food imported for other countries can be very expensive so it is important to live off the land.


The houses in Malcoci, and many parts of Moldova consist of concrete blocks with metal roofing.  Some have a form of electricity into the house, and a minority of them have toilets/bathrooms, instead most have sheds in the garden.  Instead of a heating system, a stove is used for both cooking purposes and heating.  Though summers are hot, winters can be bitter, sometimes families therefore sleep in one room in the winter months to keep warm.